How to Dress to Look Thinner in Summer

If you want to look thinner in summer, there are several ways to do it. Some of these ways are high waisted jeans and shorts, A-line dresses and skirts, and even round or square toed shoes.

High-waisted shorts

High-waisted shorts are a stylish way to flaunt your figure. You can pair them with a variety of outfits and accessories to make a bold statement.

The biggest tip is to get the right fit. This will determine how comfortable your shorts are. If you have a bigger torso or have thick thighs, then you should go with styles that sit over your hip bones.

A high-waisted pair of shorts is a perfect summertime staple. They are versatile and a great option for date nights or even working out.

You can find a wide variety of styles and patterns to choose from. One way to spice up your high-waisted look is by adding a trending top. For example, you can wear a tucked in button-down shirt with a pair of these shorts.

Flared jeans

Whether you are looking for a casual look or a more polished ensemble, flared jeans can be an effective choice. The key to styling them correctly is finding the right combination of tops, accessories, and shoes.

flared jeans
Photo by Valerie Voila on Pexels

One of the best ways to style flared jeans is by pairing them with a pair of black heeled booties. This will create a trendy and chic look. If you’re not too keen on wearing heels, you can opt for a pair of slip-on sandals.

A good way to get a more feminine and put-together look is by pairing a sexy crop top with your jeans. However, you may want to go for a more structured sweater and belt combination to add a touch of sophistication.

Flares are great for balancing your figure, especially when you’re petite. They can also help to balance out your slenderness if you’re plus-sized. Besides, they’re a fun and versatile piece that can be paired with nearly any outfit.

High-waisted jeans

High-waisted jeans have become one of the most popular styles. They are comfortable and give a well-rounded look to a woman’s figure. Whether she is petite, tall or anywhere in between, she will love these flattering pants.

A high-waisted pair of jeans can be paired with a wide variety of tops. It’s important to find the right size. You don’t want your jeans to end too short or too long. This will give the illusion that your thighs aren’t as narrow as they really are.

For a sexy look, you can wear a crop top with your high-waisted jeans. For a more casual look, you can wear a plain white T-shirt. In warmer weather, you can even slip on sandals.

Another great way to show off your waist is with a tucked-in bodysuit. These can be loose or fitted, and they can come in a variety of colors. Then, you can also add a cute belt.

A-line dresses and skirts

The sexy silhouette of an A-line dress can be very flattering on almost any woman. While this style can be a little trickier to wear for taller girls, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind.

summer pink dress
Photo by Diah Ayu on Unsplash

Wearing dark colors with a narrow hemline can be slimming. Choosing a monochrome look can also help you feel taller. This can be accomplished by pairing black with an eye-catching print blouse.

Adding accessories can also be a smart choice. Try wearing a scarf in a light color to complement your outfit. Chunky jewelry can also create the inverted triangle effect, which can be a slimming touch.

Skirts are an important part of your wardrobe. Choose the best cut and color for your shape. A flared skirt can hide unwanted areas, while a pencil skirt will give your legs a little more structure.

Round or square toe shoes

If you are looking for shoes to make your feet look thinner in summer, you should consider round or square toe shoes. They are a classic silhouette that works on all types of feet. But they are not for everyone. The best way to determine what shape will work for you is to try on a few pairs of different styles.

The most common shape is a round toe. But if you want a more modern take on the shape, you should choose an almond toe. An almond toe is a tapered oval, which means it’s longer than a round toe but not as long as an almond. You can also get a chiseled toe.

These two shapes are great for people with wide feet, especially those that are very sensitive. However, they can be uncomfortable if they are made from a rigid material. It can press against the bony areas of your foot, causing pain and bursitis. So if you have these problems, it’s best to avoid any toe-shaping that is too rigid.